Right Now TV Affiliates

Check this list to find the station in your area to watch Right Now TV!

RRCityCall Letters
Atlanta, GAWLVO
Clarksville, TNWCKV
Cobleskill, NYWUCB
Columbus, OHWCSN
Fresno, CAKVBC
Greenville, SCWWYA
Knoxville, TNWEZK-LP
Knoxville, TNWJZC-LP
Las Vegas, NVKPVM
Los Angeles, CAK25AD
Louisville, KYWBNM
Nashville, TNWJDE
Norfolk, VAW30DN
Northeast Arkansas, ARRitter Communications
Page, AZSouth Central Communications
Salt Lake City, UTKPDR
West Liberty, KYMountain Telephone
West Tennessee, TNRitter Communications