Bluegrass Ridge Video Submission

Bluegrass Ridge, the longest running syndicated bluegrass music video series, is a weekly TV show hosted by Nu-Blu. Featuring the latest videos in Bluegrass and artist interviews. Total syndication reach for the TV show is over 100 million households each week. Bluegrass Ridge Radio, also hosted by Nu-Blu is a bi-weekly 20 minute syndicated radio series that runs in tandem with the guest artist on the TV show, and includes music and an extended interview with that artist. Bluegrass Ridge Radio is syndicated in the US and UK with an estimated listening audience of 1 million listeners per week.  To submit your video is a simple process.

  • Please note that submission does not guarantee your video will be selected for airing, but the producers do review each submission that is received.

To submit send an email to [email protected]

-Music Videos  Concept and Performance videos accepted. However, audio must be studio recorded. Not a live or “board” mix. Lyric videos not accepted.  

-Email Links, Dropbox or We Transfer with open permission to download your video

-Hi-Res (MFX or QT) HD files. A clean version, meaning without any title credits as we add the titles so they match our graphics package.

-Also Must Furnish:

-Artist name:

-Song title:

-Record label:

-Artist/Group Website link, PR photo and bio: